About Me

About me?!!! You mean, I have to come up with words to describe me? Oh boy!! Well, I’ll give it my best, so here you go….

I am a New England girl to the core and have grown to appreciate the winter. I know how I could dislike winter when this is where I grew up? I hated the cold weather, though for as long as I can remember, as I’ve aged, I’m learning to roll with it and embrace the positives it can add to a season. I have been married to a great man for eighteen years and have three awesome boys; I can’t imagine doing life without any of them. Homeschooling is one of my biggest passions, along with learning, cooking, music, fashion, and hiking adventures. Homeschooling three boys for the past ten years, I have almost seen it all. Believe me when I say that!!! I am an outgoing person, willing to try new things as long as it doesn’t involve heights. I absolutely hate finding myself high off the ground. 

I come from a small family, whom I’m pretty close too. Church & family, I would have to say make up a good part of who I am. Up until the age of ten, my Mom raised me; we were like sisters. About a year later, my step Dad legally adopted me.  I still remember that day and waiting anxiously to find out if my biological father signed over his rights. I was so excited and happy when he did, and my  step Dad became just Dad to me from that day forward.  Growing up in church, I’ve carried many of the values I learned into my marriage and parenting life.

As for my personality, I’m a pretty straight forward kind of gal, which in turn sometimes gets me in trouble, but I’m learning as I grow to be a better listener 🙂 Being outspoken isn’t always bad; it has its pros and cons. I love it when I have the opportunity to encourage other moms, wives, or families. I know life, marriage, motherhood, and parenting are not easy. Perspective can be a beautiful thing, though. Something about encouraging others also brings joy to me.  Seeing someone achieve a goal, and I was able to help, it’s a very empowering experience. 

My goal in creating a blog is to help women, moms, wives, parents, and spouses to be encouraged and find hope in a world that can, at times, feel overwhelming and lost. I want to share all the things I’ve learned from my own experiences to encourage and give hope to others.

I hope this gives you a good picture of who I am and who I strive to become everyday.

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